What Should a Traveling Nurse Look For In an Agency?

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What Should a Traveling Nurse Look For In an Agency?

There are a significant number of benefits to working as a traveling nurse, including the tax advantage, referral bonuses, travel reimbursements, higher pay and the ability to experience the country as a resident and not a vacationer. As you are trying to find the right assignments, it pays to work with the best agency possible. There are specific criteria you want to look for in the agency you choose. Many of the benefits of working as a travel nurse are consistent from agency to agency, such as tax advantages and help with finding housing in your new location. But other benefits may be unique to the agency you choose.

Get a Referral

Sometimes the best way to find the right agency is to get a referral from someone you know, or to ask the agency for testimonials from nurses they have worked with. Getting answers from someone who has walked the journey before you may help make your decision.


It’s also a smart idea to do your own research on the company. Find out the types of benefits they offer, such as medical insurance, license reimbursement, 401k or vacation plans. While one company may have a higher pay scale than the other, it’s important to compare the entire package.


Each travel nursing agency will have those who enjoy the experience and those who say they will never work with that recruiter again. It’s all about finding the recruiter who works best with your personal skill set and personality. You’ll be working with your recruiter when issues arise before, during and after your travel experience. Your recruiter is your advocate within the company, so you’ll want to have a great relationship with them.

Guaranteed Hours

Not all travel assignments will have guaranteed hours. In other words, the contract between the hospital and the agency may offer a number of hours guaranteed to the nurse, while other contracts allow the hospital to cancel for a specific number of shifts per week over a 13 week time period. The guarantee is offered by the hospital and not the agency, allowing the agency to bill the hospital in case a shift is canceled. Some agencies ensure their contracts with the nurse mirror the policy of the hospital, and other agencies just offer you a 100 percent guarantee of the number of hours you can expect while traveling.

Available Destinations

Your choice of destinations may be the factor you used to choose the agency you work with. Although it’s fun to be able to have a choice of Maui, Hawaii and Burbank, California, once again, it’s important to balance the entire benefits package from the company and not make your decision on one factor.

Start Your Next Adventure!

At Amare Medical Services, we offer a long list of benefits to our traveling nurses including CEU reimbursement, medical, dental and vision insurance, and a 401K with four percent company match. Take a look at a full list of benefits of working with us and then contact us so we can begin finding your next assignment!