What is a Travel Nursing Recruiter Looking For?

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What is a Travel Nursing Recruiter Looking For?

As a nurse, you have a number of career choices open to you that aren’t available in other professions. Becoming a traveling nurse offers great opportunities to the see the country, experience new cultures and learn new medical practices. The industry grew in tandem with a shortage of skilled nurses. If you’d like to explore becoming a traveling nurse, you’ll want to know exactly what your recruiter is looking for.


Most recruiters look for traveling nurses who can be flexible in their job expectations and schedule. You’re expected to step into a fully functional unit and serve as an important member of the team. A positive attitude and ability to adapt to new settings helps you shine at your new hospital and reflects well on your staffing agency. Today, the pool of nurses looking for a traveling nurse position is stocked with qualified candidates. To stand out you’ll want to meet the needs of your recruiter and assigned hospitals — being flexible with your assignment, location and schedule will give you leverage regardless of your experience.

Dependable and Honest

Employers want to hire professionals who can be depended on to do the job they were hired to do—everyday. Your recruiter’s success is directly tied to your performance on the job. They spend a lot of time and energy finding nurses job opportunities across the country.  Keeping honest communication with your recruiter is essential for a successful working relationship. Provide consistent updates if your situation changes before accepting an assignment. This is important during your assignment, so your recruiter can help manage any changes as they come up.

Realistic Expectations

Travel nurse recruiters need nurses who have realistic expectations about their hospital assignments and housing. While the pay rates are lucrative and traveling gives you the opportunity to experience the country in way most people don’t, it’s important to remember you are traveling to meet the needs of a hospital and not on a vacation.


As a travel nurse, you are a representative of your temporary agency. As such, your recruiter will be looking for nurses who will represent the company well, practice professionally and be a welcome addition to the assignment. Professionals are respectful, reliable, competent and support their co-workers. This gives you a significant advantage that may be translated into raises, promotions and better assignments at the hospital.


A positive attitude is vital in the nursing profession in general, but especially for nurses who are temporary employees working with established teams. Anytime you present yourself with a pleasant and sunny outlook, it improves your level of success. Even if a problem arises, your positive attitude will demonstrate to your hospital manager and recruiters your desire to make things better.

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