What Are the Best Transportation Options for a Nurse on Assignment?

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What Are the Best Transportation Options for a Nurse on Assignment?

You’ve accepted your assignment and now you have to decide how you’re going to get there and what you are going to use for transportation once you are there. These are common questions asked by traveling nurses as there are several factors that may make a difference in your decision. For instance, depending upon the locations you choose and the number of times you travel throughout the year, it may not be beneficial for you to own your own car.

Payment on insurance premiums, maintenance and storage can get costly, while public transportation, rental vehicles and peer-to-peer ride-sharing may meet your needs and not break the budget. Before you decide what to do about transportation as a traveling nurse, here are factors you’ll want to consider.

Should You Maintain a Car?

Before considering how you’ll get around in your new location, it may be worthwhile to decide if you even need a car. If you spend a large portion each year in locations far from home, especially large cities where public transportation is easily accessible, maintaining a car may not be feasible. In some instances, your assignment maybe close enough you would think about driving, but in this case, renting a car may also be a financially sound decision. If you need to leave your vehicle behind during an assignment, will you have to pay for storage? Some assignments require you have your own vehicle, as the city has less efficient public transportation. But if the assignment is far enough away you would be flying anyway, you’ll be forced to rent a car. Each of these factors should be considered as you decide about keeping a personal car.

Traveling to Your Assignment

Many times, your assignment will be accessible by car. Having your own car on the assignment will help you get better acquainted with your surroundings and give you more freedom to travel during evening hours when public transportation may not be as safe. Your travel reimbursement will be calculated on the round-trip distance from home to your assignment and back home again. You can use this reimbursement to pay for an airline ticket, or for gas and wear-and-tear on your own vehicle. However, during your assignment, you are not paid for transportation. This means, if you have a reliable automobile or your assigned city has reliable public transportation, those expenses will be out of pocket. In some instances, if you fly to an assignment because it’s necessary, such as Hawaii, a rental vehicle may be included in the company’s reimbursement.

Car Sharing

This doesn’t mean peer-to-peer, pay by the hour car services, but rather sharing rides with nurses at your assignment. This allows you to leave your car behind and rent a vehicle only when you need it. Consider connecting with your hiring manager at your new location to inquire if there may be nurses on the unit who would be willing to share rides, especially if you’re willing to offer to pay for gas.

Public Transportation

Here are pros and cons to using public transportation in your new city. If you plan on sharing rides with professionals at the hospital, you may want to use public transportation for the first few weeks until you find someone working the same shifts. Public transportation offers you the ability to make choices and skip paying for parking fees. Additionally, you can relax as a passenger, read a book or do a crossword puzzle on the way to work. The disadvantages include scheduling issues as public transportation schedules are not built around your work time. It is also vital you are alert to safety issues, such as traveling at night, paying attention to your surroundings and being aware there are people on the lookout for individuals who carry expensive equipment or designer purses.

Eventually, the type of transportation you’ll use on assignment will depend upon the city you are traveling to, the transportation you already own and the distance to your assignment as well as your personal preferences. Before making a gut decision, be sure you consider all the options and decide which would your best option.

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