Top Tips for Traveling With Your Family

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April 27, 2019
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Top Tips for Traveling With Your Family

There are a number of benefits to working as a travel nurse, including competitive salaries, bonuses and enjoying new destinations as a resident and not a tourist. However, when you have a family, the logistics may be a little more challenging. Most agencies will work to help relocate you and your family and address concerns with housing and schools. In fact, most recruiters have experience working with families who enjoy the freedom of traveling with their significant other and/or their children. Some choose to leave the family at home so children can remain in their school system, but when the children are young or you’re traveling throughout the summer months, it’s a much easier solution to bring everyone along. Here are several tips to make the whole process a little easier:

Housing Needs

Before accepting a job in a new location, discuss your family’s needs with your recruiter. Most agencies typically provide a furnished one bedroom apartment while on assignment, but if you’re traveling with children, you may need more space and opt to pay an additional fee for an extra bedroom or two.


When you’re packing for one, or even two, most of it will fit in your car. However, add in a couple of children and suddenly you’ll need something a little larger. Remember, the children’s car seats take space in the back seat and your child also comes with a lot of baggage! If you have been traveling with your family in a car, you may want to consider purchasing a van to get everything packed for the trip. Although towing a trailer is an option, it can slow you down, decrease gas mileage and you may find parking is a hassle. If you’re unable to fit everything into the van, consider packing a few boxes that a friend at home can mail to you after you get settled. This works well for lighter weight and bulky items that take up space in the car.

The Trip

You likely have your own way of doing things when you’re traveling on a long trip with your children. If your child doesn’t like spending hours in their car seat, consider breaking the trip up into two or three days, or traveling for three hours in the morning, and then stopping for lunch at a park so you can travel another four to six hours in the afternoon. Some families will drive through the night while the children sleep, but that’s a real challenge for the adults!

Extended Family

If you’re able to pick a location where you have extended family living, this helps provide support while you’re out of town and gives you an advantage in finding babysitters, doctors, schools and other resources you may need over the coming months.

When you’re traveling with your family, the logistics might be a little more challenging, but they can be overcome with a little bit of planning on the front end. While you may have gotten away with winging it as an individual, it helps to know the details when you’re going into an assignment, so there aren’t too many surprises along the way. However, traveling with your children is both rewarding and fun. They have the benefit of experiencing new cities, cultures and environments in a way they wouldn’t on a typical family vacation.

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