Top Podcasts For the Traveling Nurse

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Top Podcasts For the Traveling Nurse

Are you on the go and searching for a time-efficient way to consume information in your field? As a travel nurse, you likely know that your life is busy, whether you’re preparing for your next assignment or working in a strange city. Sometimes it’s just difficult to keep up on the latest trends in your medical field and figure out the closest grocery store to your new apartment.

In an age of digital information and consumption, the nursing podcast comes to the rescue! Podcasts are a series of audio episodes focused on a specific topic or theme. This means you also have access to information on your phone or your computer. Whether you’re practicing in the psych, rehab or mother/child nursing field, there’s something for you.

On your smartphone, you’ll download an app that will allow you to scroll through a variety of published podcasts. These include Pocket Casts, Spotify, Stitcher and DoggCatcher podcast players. Each of these apps has its own pros and cons so you might want to test a couple before you decide on one. Some podcasts are downloadable so you can keep them on your smartphone and others must be streamed through an app while you’re connected to the Internet. Here are some of the more popular and informative podcasts that address the needs of traveling nurses.

The Nurse Keith Show – This podcast has a wealth of information about up-to-date career advice. If you want to excel in managing your nursing career and look ahead to plan how your travel experiences may pepper your resume with skills your next manager will be looking for, this is the podcast to help you make that plan. The podcast is run by holistic coach Keith Carlson who has been a nurse since 1996. It was launched in 2015 and offers inspiration, information and advice to help take your career to the next level.

The Truth About Travel Nursing – Aimed specifically at the traveling nurse, this podcast is hosted by Kyle Schmidt, a traveling nurse expert. The self-professed goal of the podcast is to provide honest information about all things related to traveling as a healthcare professional, including contract negotiation, recruiters, housing options and more.

Johns Hopkins Medicine – Stay up-to-date with your clinical skills by evaluating stress reactions, recovery after cancer surgery, caring for a cardiac or HIV patient and more. The aim of the Health News feed is to keep healthcare professionals current with medical news, while PodMed focuses on upcoming developments in medical literature.

Insights in Nursing – This podcast offers traveling nurses a way to learn more about the coming trends in nursing as it relates to difficult and challenging topics. The show’s creators encourage their listeners to also dig deep and ask themselves the difficult questions that are sure to spark interesting conversations at work.

Amateur Traveler – If you want to know more about your next destination, or help to choose your next travel assignment, the podcasts of Chris Christensen are likely what you’re looking for. In an easy style, Chris discusses multiple ports of travel since his first episode went live in 2005. The podcast targets North America and may feature a destination expert to help you get the most from your next assignment.

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