The Ultimate Travel Nursing Cover Letter Template

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January 1, 2020
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January 22, 2020

The Ultimate Travel Nursing Cover Letter Template

During the application process, a well-crafted cover letter may be just as important as your resume. Hiring managers first look at cover letters. These are key factors to getting your foot in the door.

Start With The Content In Your Nursing Cover Letter, And Then Move On

Using a general template helps you include the necessary information for each job, while customizing the information to the job opening. Start your cover letter with a brief paragraph that introduces you and gets to the point quickly. Customize the information to include specifics about the job position. For instance, you may want to mention a recent accomplishment or milestone the hospital achieved that was recently in the news and tie it to your skillset.

The next two or three paragraphs will describe your professional strengths and include soft skills that many hiring managers are looking for. Soft skills include the ability to work independently, good communication and negotiation skills, organizational skills, the ability to work well under pressure or your abilities as a team player.

Describe how you’re a good fit for the position and for the hospital. Look at the job description that was listed and include keywords as this helps your cover letter to be chosen by applicant tracking software. Your final paragraph is a brief recap of your interest in the job and a summary of why you’re a good fit.

Your Cover Letter Should Set You Apart from Other Applicants

Your objective is to stand apart from the rest of the crowd, using a focus in your cover letter that many other candidates are not taking. Most will draw on the information from the job description only so that each cover letter may look the same. Once the recruiter has read something similar half a dozen times, they simply tune you out. It’s also important to include information that is not on your resume. A cover letter is not a summary of your resume but rather a description of your skills and experiences that make you a good fit for this job.

As you’re writing the body of the letter, it’s important to include information specific to the hospital. This is where your research skills come in handy. You’re looking for information about the facility that you can present as a potential challenge, for which you are a unique solution. If the hospital is attempting to achieve a goal or milestone, you may present yourself as a potential solution to the challenge.

Don’t Forget the Basics

Once you have crafted a letter based on strong information, it’s critical that you review it before sending it out. Look for spelling errors. While a spell-checker can help, it won’t pick up the difference between to, too and two. Grammar is another potential stumbling block. Read your cover letter out loud, word for word. Keep your sentences simple, short and to the point. Make sure you’re using the correct information for the employer, address and contact person. It’s easy to mix things up when you’re applying for multiple positions. If you’re sending out applications over several weeks, make sure you use the current date and include your current contact information.

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