AMS appreciates all that you do to provide the highest level of care with professionalism and dedication. Amare has developed the following bonus plans to thank you for that commitment:

Continuity Cash

Employees who work on contracts of eight weeks and greater that are confirmed for a subsequent assignment on or before the end of the eligibility period (currently two weeks from the end date of the current assignment) will receive Continuity Cash in the amount equal to $1.00 for every hour worked on the most recent assignment. Continuity Cash bonuses are unlimited, and employees who receive multiple bonuses may become eligible for Loyalty Bonuses.

Loyalty Bonus

Employees who accumulate 1,560 hours annually can earn loyalty bonuses up to $2,000 per year depending on continuity in years of service and profession.

Referral Bonus

Our referral program rewards our employees up to $500 for each referral that works a minimum of 160 hours.

Completion Bonuses

Certain assignments also offer completion bonuses up to $10,000.

These bonus programs have assisted our employees in earning up to 20% in additional compensation each year. Apply today and bring a friend to start earning the rewards you deserve.

Call an Employment Specialist today at 1-888-772-5469 for more details.