Pack Your Bags: The Traveling Nurses Guide to Packing for a New Assignment

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Pack Your Bags: The Traveling Nurses Guide to Packing for a New Assignment

Packing for a travel nurse assignment is a unique situation as you’re likely going to be gone for three months, living in an apartment or house and in limbo between being a traveler and a permanent resident. As all experienced traveling professionals will tell you, it’s easy to forget to pack something. To help you we’ve put together a few packing tips to cover the essential items you’ll need for your assignment.

Talk with Us First

 Before you start packing, talk to your recruiter to determine what your new housing will provide. This can vary from location to location. Once you know what’s included, you’ll be able to make a detailed list of what you need on assignment. Check the weather at your destination and determine if you’re traveling through seasons. By bringing layers of clothes you can add or peel off as the temperature changes.

Make a List

Start by making a list of the items you believe you’re going to need. Once you’re finished, cut out as much as you can. Although it might be tempting to pack as much as you can carry, a large load only makes moving more difficult and time-consuming. Remember to include important documents, such as your driver’s license, social security card, car insurance and insurance policies.

You’ll also want to pack a first aid kit and all your prescription medications. It’s no fun getting sick and then having to run out for a thermometer or medication to bring down a fever. Pack enough toiletries to get you through the first week, and everything else can be purchased once you arrive.

Of course, you’re going to need to bring scrubs or a uniform that meets your employer’s requirements. However, you’ll also need some casual clothes, sports clothes and maybe even formal evening wear, depending on your lifestyle. Remember to pack an umbrella, compact travel iron and a lint brush, so you always look smart.

It’s no secret most of us cannot live without our electronics, so add your phone, tablet and laptop, as well as Bluetooth headsets, speaker and chargers to your list. If you’re bringing a pet, you’ll need to prepare a list for them as well, including identification tags, medications, bedding, blanket, toys and food.

Last, but certainly not least, is a list of emergency phone numbers to keep with you in your wallet and on your phone, including the name and phone number of your primary care physician, dentist, insurance agent, emergency contact and recruiter.

Check it Twice

Make a list of all items you may need, some of which you may not take on your assignment. However, this makes a good checklist to use each time you travel. Some housing assignments may have towels and bedding, while others will not. If these are on your main checklist, you won’t forget them if your assignment does not include them.

Consider how you’ll be traveling to determine how you’ll pack. If you’re driving, it’s simple to fit everything into the trunk and back seat of the car. If you’re flying, decide what you’re taking in your suitcase and what items you may have to ship.

Enlist a Contact Person at Home

No matter how often you travel, you may forget to bring something essential. Be sure you have a friend or relative who has a key to your home and feels comfortable packing and shipping anything you may have left behind.

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