Learn How to Connect With Family and Friends While On Assignment

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Learn How to Connect With Family and Friends While On Assignment

Moving from city to city can be challenging, and sometimes lonely. Being gone from home for extended periods may also mean losing a close connection you have with friends and family. Fortunately, there are several ways to stay connected while you’re on assignment. In some ways, smartphones have negatively impacted face-to-face and personal communications. But, like other means of communication, they are tools that we can either use creatively or misuse.

Face-to-Face Conversation

Whether you’re on your phone or a computer, there are several ways of having a face-to-face conversation using your video camera. Skype may be the simplest way of sitting down and talking with someone at home and being able to see their facial expressions and enjoy a good laugh together. Skype is also an easy way of sharing your screen on your computer so you can tap into the expertise of those you’ve left at home. Whether you’re trying to use a new piece of software or just having trouble with the computer, asking someone for help is a known way to deepen relationships.

Ditch Facebook

Unless you’re using the messaging app, Facebook is a way to communicate with large numbers of people and not necessarily have an intimate relationship with one. It might be fun to share pictures of what you are doing, who you’re meeting, or where you’re visiting while you’re on assignment, but it’s also important to remember it is the one-on-one conversations that maintain and grow relationships.

Start A Streak

Snapchat had the right idea when they began promoting “streaks” on their app. This is a way for the app to identify someone with whom you’ve had communication on consecutive days in 24 hours. Streaks are personal and can be used to say good morning to someone you love or goodnight before you go to bed. Snapchat allows you to send an image or just a message. Consider using the image function and develop a habit between you and someone you love every day. For instance, if you have a great friend who loves unique coffee, take a picture of your cup of coffee every morning to wish her a good morning.

Don’t Forget to Call or Text

While using creative ways of connecting with family and friends is fun, and they help deepen your relationships, there’s nothing like getting an unexpected text from someone you love or hearing someone’s voice over the phone. Since almost everyone carries a cell phone today, you’ll likely be able to reach friends and family whenever you have the time. It may not be the best time for them, but a quick, “Hello! I’ll get in touch with you later.” is enough to let them know you’re thinking about them and love them.

Are You Ready to Travel?

Traveling on assignment is fun, full of adventures, and provides you with a storehouse of stories for your friends and family when you return. Contact our professional recruiters today, and we’ll help you set off on your next adventure!