How to Prepare Your Interim Housing for Winter

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October 30, 2019
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How to Prepare Your Interim Housing for Winter

The temporary housing you use as you’re traveling from city to city will likely be an apartment. As the cold winter weather is fast approaching, it may be wise to take a few steps to prepare your home for the winter months. This can help reduce your electric bills and the need for emergency services.

Be Sure Your Apartment Will Keep You Warm

Before the cold weather hits, test out your heating system to make sure it’s working. This gives you time to call the landlord and get it fixed before you need it. If you have ceiling fans in the apartment, reverse the direction the blades spin to drive heat from the ceiling back into the room. In the summer months, the fans cool the room, and in the winter months, you can use the same fan to help heat your living space.

Limit the amount of cold air that comes in by making or buying simple draft dodgers to block the bottom of the doors or windows. Consider using plastic insulation over the windows if you’re living in an older building with leaky windows. Another option is to add a humidifier to your home. During the summer months, you dehumidify the air to feel cooler, and in the winter months you add humidity or moisture to the air to reduce the risk of dry skin, sinus congestion and even make you feel warmer.

Stock Up on Essentials During the Winter Months

A crazy winter snowstorm can make it difficult to get out of your home for food or other essentials. These storms can also knock out the power supply, so it is a good idea to keep several bottles of water, batteries for your flashlight, and non-perishable foods that do not require electricity for cooking in case you’re trapped for several hours. If you’ve been relying on an electric blanket, it might be time to invest in warm bedding that will keep you warm during the cold nights and if you lose heat during the day.

Keep Out the Critters

When the weather gets cold outside, small animals start looking for a place to get warm. Unless you are determined to open your home up to Mother Nature, the fall as a good time to prevent mice and other rodents from getting inside, while you might be renting a house or apartment, you’ll want to inspect the outside of the building and perimeter for any holes or openings that appear near the foundation, along the pipes are ductwork or along the rooftop if you’re on the top floor.

If you live near the woods or water, you’ll also want to prevent entryway for bats too. Ensure that all holes are caulked and add steel wool or wire mesh if necessary. Your landlord should do this for you. However, realistically you’ll be the one who suffers through a rodent invasion, so if the hole is in your apartment, it may be worth your while to take a few minutes to add caulk around the water pipes coming in or fine wire mesh over holes in the walls or near the floors.

Prepare Yourself Indoors and Outside

Put together an emergency kit for extended power outages or getting snowed in. You’ll want to include a flashlight with extra batteries, first aid kit, bottled water, quick charger and a car charger for your cell phones, manual can opener, and candles and matches. Cat litter is an ideal way of giving traction on icy roads and can be kept in the trunk of your car.

Speaking of which, don’t forget the car! Likely, you will not have a covered garage. Winter months can be challenging on your paint job and your car’s battery. A simple car cover can make removing snow and ice a quick and simple job as well as protect the battery from high winds and deep cold temperatures.

Are You Ready for An Adventure?

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