How to Prepare for a New Career as a Travel Nurse

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February 6, 2020
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February 20, 2020

How to Prepare for a New Career as a Travel Nurse

Nursing is an adventurous career. You really can’t predict what will happen during any given shift from the time you arrive until you go home. Medical emergencies, bad news, good news, and family squabbles all make up a common day in a hospital. In the midst of this chaos, you’ll be moving into a new career as a travel nurse. How do you prepare to move from one hospital in your home town to a new facility, miles from anyone you know? 

Research Your Options 

One of the more important strategies to use is research. You may have heard when you move into a new home the three most important factors are location, location, location. The same can be said any time you move from one place to another – research, research, research. The more you know about your decision, the better decision you’ll make. 

As you consider your assignment possibilities, identify what factors are most important to you. This is part of your research; you are researching what will satisfy your most immediate needs at work. Are you interested in relaxing for 13 weeks in an area you enjoy? You may love fishing, hiking, and hunting and may choose your location based on these criteria.  

On the other hand, you may be more interested in growing a strong professional network and clinical skills. Choose your hospital facility based on what will keep you motivated and focused while you’re away from home. 

Network with the Travel Community 

There is one resource with more information about traveling than any other – other nurses who have made traveling a successful career choice. Whether you are planning one or two assignments or want to think about making this a choice for the next several years, ask the people who have been there before you. 

There is a large community of travel nurses you can find on Facebook or in other online communities who are ready and willing to share their advice, tips, and strategies that made traveling successful for them. Consider the advice carefully and use what you can to achieve your goals during your assignments. 

Are Your Certifications and Licenses Up to Date? 

As a travel nurse, it’s important to keep your certifications and licenses up to date. Without the right ones, you won’t get the plumb assignments. If you are looking for a pediatric ICU slot but your PALS certification has expired, you’ll be passed over for someone who is ready and willing. 

It may help to have a spreadsheet with all your pertinent licenses listed, including expiration dates. Then, enter those dates into your calendar with enough time to get them renewed before they expire. 

Ready. Set. Travel! 

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