How to be Successful on Your First Travel Nursing Assignment

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January 22, 2020
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How to be Successful on Your First Travel Nursing Assignment

How successful you feel about your first assignment often depends on planning. It is natural to feel apprehensive about your first assignment, but with a little planning it is sure to be even more than what you’re expecting. Since traveling is an adventure you won’t soon forget and will likely want to experience again, let’s figure out how to make your first assignment as successful as possible. 

Get to Know Your Assigned Facility 

After the contract is signed and you’re getting ready to travel, learn as much as you can about the new workplace and surrounding community. As you’ll only be in the area for 13 weeks, you’ll want a running start to learn your way around. If you enter the community with an understanding of the culture and the hospital, you’ll be able to jump right in to work and finding friends

Hone Your Communication Skills 

Good communication skills will make your life easier – with patients, co-workers and even your landlord. By asking pertinent questions and becoming an active listener, you’ll quickly learn all you need to know about the situation in which you find yourself. You’ll find your ability to communicate with your patients will help reveal information to improve their patient care.  

Let’s face it, most people like to talk about themselves. It helps build a bond between people. As you get to know more about your co-workers, you’re more likely to find new friends and build a strong professional network. Ask questions that help others to talk, listen actively to what they say and contribute your own stories. Before long you’ll find you’re one of the more popular people at work. 

Show Initiative 

People like it when someone demonstrates initiative and doesn’t have to be told what to do. For instance, consider stepping outside your comfort zone to engage with your co-workers. By the same token, keep an open eye at work for what might need to be done but isn’t being addressed.  

Travelers can contribute by suggesting new procedures, policies or suggestions for medical equipment based on where they’ve worked in the past. You come to your new workplace as an expert in how things were done at another hospital. Things don’t have to be done the same way everywhere, but when evidence suggests the results might be better, it is time to show initiative and step up. 

Steer Clear of Gossip 

Nothing says “teen scene” more quickly than someone who will talk about everyone else. You may have noticed those who are willing to gossip to you are also willing to gossip about you. Don’t engage with others in gossip and don’t start it yourself. 

Relax and Keep It All in Perspective 

New work environments are a wonderful place to learn and take new information with you when you leave. As enticing as it is to stay in “work mode” while you’re away from home, it’s also important to relax and enjoy your day. Your brain and body need to recharge, and only you know how to best get that done. 

Are You Looking for a New Adventure? 

We are ready to help you enjoy your next adventure in life. Do you want to live by the beach? In a big city? Near hiking and fishing? Let us know and we’ll work to find you a location and hospital where you can spread your wings and fly. Call Amare Medical Staffing today and let’s get started on your next best adventure.