Helpful Tips for Making Friends While on Assignment

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June 26, 2019
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Helpful Tips for Making Friends While on Assignment

Traveling to a new city every 13 weeks can be challenging. As a travel nurse, your career is exciting and you can make a lot of money while working in several cities, but it may be challenging to make new friends with each move. Sometimes, your biggest challenge traveling to the new city is a lack of a support system, leaving behind everyone you know to go on a new adventure. It’s important to remember other travel nurses are in the same boat as you are. This also means you likely have other adventuresome nurses working at the same hospital. The best time to meet these fellow travelers is during orientation. But, you may not have started at the same time, so connect with your human resources specialist to see if they can introduce you and help identify who are the travel nurses in the hospital.

If being alone makes you a little nervous, try taking assignments in larger cities where travel nurses gravitate. You’ll meet new and seasoned nurses, making it easier to meet new people. Seasoned nurses who enjoy taking different assignments within the same city may be open to inviting you to join their group. They also usually know the best spots to visit and what to avoid.

In addition to connecting with other travel nurses, you may consider starting your career by traveling with a friend. Connect with another nurse in your area who may be interested in starting a career in travel nursing and do it together! Another option is to leverage social media and connect with travel nurses who may be assigned to the same facility where you are. You may also find an old high school friend or acquaintance in your assignment city whom you’ve lost touch with. Ask your current friends if they know people in your destination city and connect with them over social media before you leave. Having a familiar face can help make the first few weeks of adjustment easier.

If you enjoy playing sports, check out the local leagues and see what you might be able to join during the time you’re in the city. While making friends with co-workers is one of the easiest ways to find people to hang out within your new city, investigating community events in the local sports league will help you find people who are not in the medical profession. Although it can be a little nerve racking to explore the city by yourself, look online for group hikes or bike rides where you can explore and have the opportunity to meet new people. Whether you enjoy reading mystery novels, listening to music or going bowling, you’ll probably find a meetup event in your new city where you can get to know people who enjoy the same things you do.

Consider taking a workout class at the nearby gym. Gyms are a popular way to meet new people as many are talkative after taking a class, or on their way out of the building. Get to know the people living around you. Say hello to your neighbor when you see them and break the ice by being nice. Once you’ve been in your new location for two weeks, consider hosting an open house or a party for people from your neighborhood or your hospital. An open house is an easy way to spend time with friends and colleagues, especially when you invite guests to bring their favorite dish.

Volunteering is another great way to meet people in any town you travel to. Volunteering helps you give back to the community and allows you to do something for others. Check out ways to volunteer at the local animal shelter, homeless shelter or soup kitchen. Reach out to a civic garden center or local Sierra Club if you’re passionate about the environment.

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