Free Spirit? Find Out If Travel Nursing Is Right For You

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Free Spirit? Find Out If Travel Nursing Is Right For You

Do you dream of visiting new places and experiencing new adventures? As a nurse you have many choices and career paths open to you − becoming a traveling nurse is one that offers unique benefits, challenges and advantages.

Traveling nurses are a vital part of today’s healthcare, as they fill shortages at hospitals and facilities, often working assignments lasting between eight and 26 weeks across the country. The length of the assignment varies, depending upon the need of the facility or hospital. This offers you the freedom and flexibility to decide how long and where you want to work, all while building your resume and gaining invaluable experience in a variety of clinical settings. And there are even more benefits!


There are several incentives to working as a travel nurse, including the opportunity to be compensated well. Higher pay packages are offered to nurses willing to travel, and this is especially true if you have a specialty or are willing to work overtime.

Travel nurses also have a greater ability to create a flexible schedule. Although it is exciting to travel to different areas, it can also be draining. Being able to take breaks between contracts or arrange your weekly schedule for longer weekends or shorter workweeks, helps you recover more quickly.

While growing your professional experience, you have access to the most competitive pay rates in the industry, free private housing and rewarding benefits and incentive programs designed to assist you and your family, including Identity Theft Protection and Nationwide discounts.


As a traveling nurse you’ll not only be able to improve your nursing skills, but also develop other valuable skill sets as well. Meeting different people and working in different situations encourages you to become more flexible, think critically and communicate effectively.

You’ll develop relationships and network with people across the country, offering you the opportunity to draw on these experiences and relationships as you advance your career. Connecting with people from different walks of life broadens your perspective, and the time limitation of your assignment minimizes any workplace politics.


One of the leading perks of being a travel nurse is you get to experience the country in ways most other people do not. There is a vast difference between vacationing in a community for a week or two and living for a month or two, engaging with people and gaining a greater understanding of others.

Traveling to new areas helps you step out of your comfort zone, gain more confidence and gives you the opportunity to discover how nursing is practiced across the country. It also provides you with a way to explore areas you may be considering for a permanent move.

Nursing is a unique profession where you directly impact others on a daily basis, often at a time in their life when they are most vulnerable and stressed. As a travel nurse, you have the unique benefit of knowing you had a direct impact on the lives of many people across the country and have the opportunity to grow relationships in different cities that may last a lifetime.

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