5 Ways to Get Into the Holiday Spirit While You’re Away From Home

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5 Ways to Get Into the Holiday Spirit While You’re Away From Home

Travel nursing is an adventure that exposes you to multiple ways of growing your professional career and networking across the U.S all with the opportunity to make new friends and grow your career. But, with the holidays fast approaching, it can be difficult to get into the holiday spirit when family and close friends are not around. Consider these five strategies to help enjoy the holidays if you’re not home this year

Stay in Touch With Family Over the Holidays

Family and close friends are what make the holiday season special. It’s important to stay in close touch with them in ways that are comfortable for both of you. You might have a great uncle Jack who has always made Christmas special, and yet he is not comfortable using digital communication or FaceTime. Getting on the phone, using email, cards, Snapchat, Instagram and video chat can all help you feel at home when you’re not at home. Just remember to pick the format that best fits your audience.

Get Involved With New Friends to Celebrate the Holidays

While old friends offer you a historical perspective on the holidays, new friends can also help lift your spirits and get you in the holiday mood. Many hospitals use travel nurses and are familiar with the lifestyle of being away from home during special times of the year. Seek to make friends with those who are working on your unit and look for opportunities to engage outside of work. These are unique ways of bonding with people that can grow and develop friendships to last a lifetime.

Adorn Your Home With Cost-Effective Temporary Decorations

Decorating for the holidays can be difficult since it is not cost-effective to travel with a Christmas tree and boxes of decorations to your temporary assignment. Instead, it’s important to look for cost-effective ways of using decor you do not have to travel with. A real miniature tree is a great choice as it’s not permanent. You may choose to purchase an artificial tree and then donate it to a local shelter or children’s home once the holidays are finished.

Ask your new friends for any holiday decorations they aren’t using the season and return them when the season is over, so you have an eclectic variety to help you get in the holiday mood. Look for sales on holiday decorations, especially indoor outdoor Christmas tree lights, that raise the mood in your home and which can be donated later without breaking the bank. String popcorn and cranberries for your tree and consider having a decoration party with your friends where you get together to make craft decorations for the tree.

Put on the Holiday Music

Music does more than soothe the savage beast, it can raise your spirits and put you in the holiday mood. You don’t need a vinyl record player any longer, just your cell phone and a Bluetooth speaker to play holiday music and raise your holiday spirits. Researchers have found that music has a unique effect on the brain, even helping those with Alzheimer’s to stay functional longer. It can help raise your spirits, improve your creativity and even help you sleep better.

Don’t Forget to Leave Cookies Out for Santa

Each family has traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation. These are the ways in which we truly experience the holiday season. For some, it means leaving cookies out for Santa on Christmas Eve and for others, it may mean reading the Night Before Christmas. Whatever your family traditions are, make sure you engage in those, even if you have to do it with friends and family on video chat or over the phone.

Are You Ready For Your Holiday Travel Assignment?

At Amare Medical Staffing, we are here to help you during the holiday season. Our professional recruiters can help find you the best assignment over Christmas for your situation and provide you the support you need in a strange city. Contact us today and let’s get started finding you your next adventure.