5 Signs That You Are a Successful Travel Nurse

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5 Signs That You Are a Successful Travel Nurse

Sometimes it’s difficult to measure your own success. It’s a little easier when you’re in a permanent position, and your immediate supervisor is willing to give you consistent feedback. As a permanent nurse, your hospital has a vested interest in helping you to grow to become a better professional. As a travel nurse, the hospital you’re working at needs you to do a great job, every day, without needing to be told what you’re doing right and wrong. It’s two completely different environments. So how can you tell if you’re doing a good job and are a successful travel nurse?

The Hospital Asks You To Return As A Travel Nurse

In a permanent position you might be given a few kudos or a nice letter in your permanent file, but as a travel nurse, you can be sure that you did a good job when the hospital you were working at asks you to return if they have another opening. Some managers will go so far as to tell you did a great job before your last day and let you know that you’re welcome back at any time.

You Can Make Critical Decisions Quickly

In a hospital environment, decisions often have to be made quickly and decisively. When you are confident in your work and your ability to perform patient care, and the outcomes are measured positively, then your abilities as a travel nurse are also positive. When hospitals bring travel nurses to their facility, they’re looking for someone who can step into the position and work without training. When you can accomplish that goal, it’s one sign you are successful as a travel nurse.

You Adapt Quickly To Your New Environment

Whether it’s your new apartment, neighborhood, or hospital, you’re able to adapt to the situation and find the right answers. Being a travel nurse takes a certain personality who enjoys change and adapts quickly. Travel nurses need to find grocery stores, recreational activities and sometimes medical care in an unfamiliar city. Besides, they have to be satisfied with the decisions they make.

You Have A Good Attitude And You Don’t Gossip

While these factors may seem minor to you, having a good attitude and not gossiping will result in better patient care and more satisfied patients. In the current medical environment, hospitals are graded on patient satisfaction and patient outcomes. This leads to better payment from insurance companies. When you contribute to the hospital’s overall bottom line, they’ll consider you an asset to their environment.

You Are Team-Oriented And Committed To Learning

Nurses who are team-oriented and work well with others become successful travel nurses as one criteria hospitals search for is a travel nurse who can fit in with their team seamlessly. Those who are more interested in the patient and team shining than themselves, shine by default. This characteristic, combined with the desire to learn more, contributes to the overall growth of the team, patient care, and the hospital. Don’t limit yourself to learning on the clock – search for ways you can improve your skills and knowledge online and locally.

Are You Ready to Grow Your Career?

Travel nurses have a unique opportunity to expand their experience and develop their career working in different situations across the country. These experiences make you a more sought-after nurse when you’re ready to settle into a permanent position. Contact our professional recruiter today and let’s get started finding you a travel position you love.