5 Common Travel Nursing Questions Answered

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May 22, 2019
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5 Common Travel Nursing Questions Answered

Whether you’re new to travel nursing or an experienced traveler transitioning from a permanent position, you may feel overwhelmed with the number of questions you have about your first assignment or what you might expect. Some level of uncertainty is normal when you take any new position, especially if you haven’t had a travel assignment in a while. Here are five of the more common questions nurses ask about travel nursing as they figure out if this journey lifestyle is right for them:

What Are the Benefits to Being a Travel Nurse?

There are a significant number of benefits to being a travel nurse. However, it’s important to remember most hospitals and facilities are looking for professionals who have had at least one year of experience after finishing their education and becoming board certified. Once you have crossed that hurdle, travel nursing offers professional flexibility to grow your career experiences and achieve your goals. You meet more people, which means you can network with a significant number of professionals who can help advance your career and grow your personal experiences. Travel nursing allows you to be well compensated and enjoy reimbursement for securing new state licenses, scrubs, and your travel expenses. There are tax benefits, the ability to travel with a friend or spouse and a unique way of finding the ideal city in which to settle down.

How Does the Process Work?

After successfully completing your education and with at least one year of experience, you have the chance to jump on this unique opportunity. Typically, travel nurses work with an agency and recruiter who help find the right position based on the amount of time they want to be away from home, the location they’re looking for and their specialty. Once you’ve chosen an agency, the recruiter walks you through the process step by step. They are your contact person who will support you through the process and be sure you understand what’s expected.

Will I Have a Support System While I’m Away From Home?

You should have support people while you’re away from home. The first person is your recruiter who will stay in touch with you while you’re away, help you work through any issues with housing or your assignment at the facility and work with you to ensure every assignment you take grows your professional experience. Before leaving home, it’s a good idea to find a friend or family member who can help with anything that’s needed at your home base while you can’t be there. Even though you have forwarded your mail, Aunt Sally from Texas may have sent you a surprise package and your support person at home can pick it up for you and either mail it or hold it until you get home.

What Are Recruiters From Travel Nurse Agencies Looking For?

Your recruiter is essentially a matchmaker between your wants and needs and the needs of the facility. Recruiters value candidates who are prepared for the interview, honest in their communication about what they’re looking for and their experiences, and who are open and flexible to the needs of the hospital where they will be placed. It’s important to remember that while the recruiter is there to support you, it is also their responsibility to ensure the hospital is satisfied and happy with the nurses they place.

What Should I Know About Being a Travel Nurse Before Accepting My First Assignment?

Travel nurses travel. Although that may seem obvious, it’s important you are not swayed by the higher rate of compensation or the perks that go along with moving away from home for 13 or 26 weeks at a time. The career is exciting, challenging and will grow your experiences at a rate you will not be able to achieve in a permanent position. In order to enjoy these benefits, it’s necessary to travel away from home. This may be just part of the excitement and the adventure for you, which will make you an excellent travel nurse candidate.

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