4 Questions You Should Be Asking a Hiring Manager

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4 Questions You Should Be Asking a Hiring Manager

It may sometimes seem the interview process is one-sided. You sit down with a hiring manager and present your best self, hoping they’ll choose you for the job. But what if you don’t like the hospital or the position they’re offering? In other words, the interview process should be a two-way street during which the hiring manager is evaluating you and you are evaluating the institution.

You’ll make a good impression at a job interview, not only by the questions you answer but also by the questions you ask. Even when you’re interviewing for a staff position, there are questions that will help you determine which offer you should take. Here are four important questions you’ll want to ask during the interview process.

How Does the Manager Measure Success?

No matter what job position you’re taking, it’s important to tailor your conversation during the interview process to demonstrate your ability to fit that position. By understanding the manager’s expectations for success, you can demonstrate your ability to add value to the institution. As a floor nurse, your manager may want to see you pass certain criteria. If you’ve accomplished those same criteria at another institution, this is the time to talk about it.  Understanding what excellence looks like to the unit manager helps you identify how much growth will be involved for you in the position or gives you the ability to demonstrate you can enter the position fully functional.

What Is the Biggest Challenge Faced By The Professionals On The Unit?

You’ll find the answers will differ depending upon the kind of unit you’re interviewing for and the mix of professionals working there. You may get a good idea of the types of skills and experiences that make an ideal candidate for the job. This will help you identify to the hiring manager your own skillset that makes you the best candidate.

Describe the Culture Of the Facility And Of the Unit.

This is a question hiring managers may find difficult to answer, as it’s often not asked by potential employees. However, the culture you walk into is paramount to your career. How the professionals collaborate will describe more about your working day than the shift you’re working or how long you’ll be on probation. If the answer is vague, maybe the hospital doesn’t pay attention to workplace culture, which may be your loss.

How Much Input Will You Have Into Systems And The Care Environment?

When professional staff have meaningful input into the development of policy and operational management it increases the “by in” professionals have to change. This also opens doors to practicing to your full potential and gives you additional skills to add to your resume. Integral to this question is information about the future vision for the hospital unit. When candidates have questions about the mission and vision of the company, it communicates to the hiring manager that you are interested not only in what you’ll be doing but in why you’re doing it.

Bonus: Question You Shouldn’t Ask Your Hiring Manager

Hiring managers will expect you to enter the interview having done some initial research on your own. Any information that can be found through a simple internet search should never be asked during the interview. You should already know who the hospital’s main competitor is, what are the institutional strengths and the specialty medical diagnoses. If you’ve heard anything through the grapevine, leave it at the door. Questions about raises, promotions or how much monitoring is done in house is information that’ll either make you look cocky or like you’re already trying to get away with something.

Are You Ready for Your Next Interview?

Getting ready for an interview means knowing the answers to the questions you anticipate getting and having thoughtful and meaningful questions prepared for the hiring manager. At Amare Medical Staffing, our professional recruiters can help you tailor your information, communicating what’s most important and developing questions that will help you shine. Call us today!